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Thanks to Edward Kapriskie of Oh Well Productions for these photos of the trip to Schuylkill Haven on the 5th of June, 2015

Ed Kapriskie has photographed trains for more than half a century, starting in his home state of New Jersey, when the Pennsylvania Railroad still ran steam locomotives.  He posed on 113's running board last year.


Joe Fusco grew up around trains too, but in the 21st century, he serves as Project 113's official videographer, and he takes still pictures too.

Ed followed 113 south from Minersville to Schuylkill Haven, getting the shot on the left at Cressona, where the former Reading Company trackage makes a full semi-circle through the borough along Railroad Street.  On the left, aluminum ingots await their turn at the Sapa Extrusions plant.  Built during World War II to make aircraft parts (and located here, far from the coast, for protection from possible German long-distance bombers), the plant employs 900 people.  Compare the before and after photos from Penn Pilot to get an idea of what went into constructing the plant -- including eliminating a race track and rerouting the West Branch of the Schuykill River!


On the right, we see 113 simmering gently at the Island Park complex in Schuylkill Haven, with the Project 113 sales table set up.

Ed captured an artistic shot of the safety valve's escaping steam against the fluffy white cumulus clouds that floated over Schuylkill Haven for most of the afternoon -- a change from the threat of rain earlier in the day.  Krista Hertz has volunteered with Project 113 since the beginning; nowadays, you can find her at the sales table on operating days such as this one.

And Ed's video of the occasion:

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