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A selection of our favorite pictures of 113, before, during, and after restoration

Just a mile north of West Cressona, the MInersville Branch crosses Beckville road, and this location attracts photographers like honey attracts bears.  Just south of the crossing, 113 puts on a show.


Photo  © Stephen Bradley

Working uphill through the woods north of the Beckville crossing, 113 brings a trainload of happy passengers, and the Easter Bunny, back to Minersville.


Photo  © Steve Gilbert

#113 greets the snow! Photo © Susan Frantz
Reading & Northern 425 leads 113 just north of Westwood Jct. on November 29, 2014; photo © Christopher Hohman
113 and 425 push their Santa train south through West Cressona on November 29, 2014; photo © Bob Wanner
In the cab on September 7, 2014; photo © Phil Smith
CNJ 113 doubleheads with Reading & Northern 425 at West Cressona on November 30, 2013; photo © Oren B. Helbok
The crew readies the engine for work with Reading & Northern 425 on Santa trips -- 30 November 2013, photo © Phil Smith
The cast-metal plates on the smokebox identify the locomotive's builder and current owner, as well as patent information about the boiler's superheater.
30 November 2013, photo © Glenn Raymo
Our favorite 0-6-0 breathes steam while waiting to pull a Santa train with Reading & Northern 425 -- 30 November 2013, photo © Glenn Raymo
The Reading & Northern caboose leads the Santa train towards West Cressona on November 29, 2014; 113 and 425 will shortly appear from around the curve and whistle their way through the former Reading Company yard as they push the train to the south end of its run at MINE, the junction of the line to Minersville with the former Reading main line to Pottsville.
Without the cooperation of the Reading & Northern, none of these trips would happen.  You can help thank the R&N by buying a ticket every now and then and riding the train!
Photo © Bob Wanner
Reading & Northern 425 with engineer Christopher Bost leads 113 with Chad Frederickson at the throttle at the nursery south of Minersville, 29 November 2014; photo © James Benetzky
Reading & Northern engineer Christopher Bost moves 113 onto the siding in Minersville, 29 November 2014; photo © James Benetzky
On the morning of the 29th of November, 2014, 113's crew topped off the tender with two kinds of coal: local anthracite and West Virginia bituminous, the latter delivered in a Reading & Nortern hopper; before 425 arrived with the passenger cars, 113 moved the hopper and CNJ business car 98 from the siding by the depot to the siding on the north side of Sunbury Street.  Later that day, the two engines thundered northbound on the first of three Santa trips.  Photos © Chris Hohman
In these three photos also from the 29th of November, 2014, we see 113 pulling ahead on the siding north of the Minersville depot in the morning after dropping the hopper and business car; by the time of the third trip of the day, around 3:30 p.m., the sun briefly appeared, making possible the next two photos, as the train accelerated through the yard at West Cressona northbound.  Photos © Oren B. Helbok

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