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From Bob Wanner (1).jpeg

Photo by Bob Wanner

We want YOU to contribute to the 2023 Project 113 calendar!


In honor of our locomotive's 100th birthday next year, we will publish a special edition of our calendar with solely photos of our locomotive (and possibly some of her C.N.J. 6S46-class sisters) -- and we want YOU to help provide them.

We will accept submissions in black & white or in color, and made at any time in the locomotive's century of life. We cannot offer any payment -- you make your submission as a gift to our non-profit organization, Railway Restoration Project 113 -- but we guarantee that we will put your name with each photo of yours that we use, and we will give a copy of the calendar to each person whose photo(s) we use.

In addition to photos of the 113 herself, we encourage you to submit photos of the volunteers who keep the engine alive in the 21st century (and of course any historic photos of workers with the 113 or her sisters). Horizontal photos work best for the main photos in the calendar, but we will accept verticals for use on the volunteer pages and possible inclusion as "extras" on the date-block pages.

Please e-mail HIGH -RESOLUTION images (minimum 2000 pixels on the longer side) to Please do NOT put watermarks on the images. Please make your submission by April 1st, 2022.

When you send us your photo(s), please indicate if we may hold onto it/them for future use in other ways, perhaps for other calendars, perhaps for our Web site and Facebook page; in any event, we will not use any photo without crediting the contributor. If you did not take the photo yourself, please identify the photographer if you can. In ALL cases, you must warrant that you own the image(s) that you contribute; we will not use any photo with ownership in doubt.

Thank you in advance, and we look forward to working with you!

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