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2018 Borough Day

CNJ 113 Minersville

#113 at Minersville in photos by Oren B. Helbok (above) and Nathan Kelly (below)

Nathan Kelly 113 Minersville
CNJ 113 West Cressona

#113 at West Cressona by

Oren B. Helbok

Nathan Kelly CNJ 113 Mill Creek Junction

On Saturday, the 29th of September, Project 113 brought our steam locomotive to Schuylkill Haven for the 30th annual Borough Day celebration -- the sixth time we have attended since 113 steamed there for her maiden public trip after restoration, in 2013.  For the first time this year, we turned the engine to face south, so we could stage a meet with the Reading & Northern's 1928 Baldwin, #425, in celebration of the 250th Anniversary of Anthracite.

Turning the engine meant a trip to Mill Creek Junction, between Palo Alto and Port Carbon (on the east side of Pottsville), which we did in the early-morning fog.  For most of the day, our engine sat on the siding in front of the Schuylkill Haven station; the face-to-face meet with 425 took place in the afternoon at Island Park, shortly before we took our engine back to Mill Creek Jct., to turn her to face the proper way for the trips in December, and then home to Minersville.


Thanks to our friends at the Reading & Northern for their ongoing partnership.

CNJ 113 Mill Creek Junction

113 at Mill Creek Junction in the morning by Nathan Kelly (from overhead) and Oren B. Helbok (from track level)

Nathan Kelly CNJ 113 Pottsville Junction

113 at Pottsville Junction by Nathan Kelly

250th anniversary of Anthracite CNJ 113 R&N 425

Celebrating the 250th Anniversary of Anthracite at Schuylkill Haven Borough Day, 9/29/18.

Left to right, Project 113's Bob Kimmel, Michael Fenstermaker, Christopher Hohman, Jim Garraway, and Nathan Kelly; Reading & Northern's Christopher Bost; 113's Tyler Fenderson, Brian Wowak, andPhilip Kania; and the R. & N.'s Ryan Frederickson and Chad Frederickson.

Photos above and below by Oren B. Helbok

250th anniversary of Anthracite CNJ 113 R&N 425
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