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Thanks for a great year!

In the second year of her new career, CNJ #113 made a number of trips away from her home in Minersville in 2014, starting with a visit to the Reading & Northern's headquarters in Port Clinton in September, where she had the chance to put all of her tractive effort to good use, moving a 56-car train through the yard -- a longer train than 113 had moved in at least sixty years! Later that month, the locomotive visited Schuylkill Haven twice, once on the occasion of the Schuylkill River Sojourn and then for Borough days. In late November and again in mid-December, the R&N brought their steam locomotive, 4-6-2 #425, and a train of seven passenger cars for Santa trains. Over the two days, the six trips carried more than 2700 people, and Santa said hello to each and every one of them.

Over the winter and into the spring, our crew will continue to work on the locomotive; we look forward to firing her up again in 2015, and we hope you come to see us!

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